"Word of mouth" is the Most Powerful type of Advertising!

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Get your post or advertisement shared to many, many people in our "Share and Earn" Program! You can buy as many shares as you wish! There are no limits here. When you buy shares, any of our members can "pick up" your shares and post them to their social media account if they have over 50 followers on their social media account. Dollar for dollar this is the best advertising that money can buy. Sharing is great advertising because it is based on the old adage "word of mouth is the BEST advertising".

Word of mouth

Almost everyone is on social media in today's world. "Word of mouth" is the most powerful type of advertising and, in today's age, social media serves that purpose very well. If you have an advertisement that you wish shared and sent out to many other people's pages on the world's premier social media page online, then we have the answer. Buy your "SHARES" offered through PennyPays. Our members can then "pick up" your shares and send them out on their social media page. Our members are very eager to earn! We pay them to "pick up" your Shares send them out to their social media page. Our qualified members have over 50 friends with whom they share your post or advertisement. It's the WORLD'S BEST ad service.

Here is how much it costs!

The "shares" can be purchased for as little as $0.50 per share. This is how that process works: You purchase shares and complete the form for the post. Any of our members that qualify can pick them up and they will be paid to send them to their "friends" as a "Share" on their page. Your post (or your advertisement), after it is shared, will be seen by at least 50 of their friends as a "Shared Post". It's that simple and it's very powerful!

Each share is secure and each share is verified automatically through our software.

Our software is integrated with Facebook. Our software does all of the work and even gives you the statistics. You can purchase Shares. You simply purchase shares from your back office. Our members pick up these Shares and post them on their Facebook Walls for the best advertising on the internet (yeah, right on Facebook Walls)! They are required to leave it posted for 72 hours. If you want your Share posted to a wall with more than 50 friends, the prices are much less per "friends count". (See the price chart.)

Get Paid to Share

Do you want to earn money every day by simply sharing other's posts or advertisements? We constantly have members buying Shares. They order "shares" for social media from our site. You can get paid to pick up and share these posts and these advertisements to your social media page and earn - when they are available, as many as you like and as often as you like. You make more from our Share and Earn Program if you do upgrade, yet, you can still get paid to share EVEN WITHOUT UPGRADING! If you are upgraded you make more by picking up shares (and sharing them) and your sponsor, as well as their sponsor also, earns when you earn in our Share and Earn Program!

Here is how much you get paid!

This is our exclusive "Share and Earn" Program. As the "Shares" are purchased, they are put in the queue. You can then pick up those shares from the queue of purchased shares and send them to your Social Media Page. You must have at least 50 friends to qualify to participate. If you have more friends, you can earn more by picking up Shares purchased.

Example: Let's say you have 500 friends on Facebook. Now let's say you share 10 Posts that are from the Purchased Shares Queue. You just made $4.50

Oh yes, now you can earn by simply sharing posts on social media!

That is right! It is now possible to earn money each time you share something on Social Media by picking up the Shares our members have purchased. We pay you for each "Share" you pick up and send out as a "share" on the world's main social media website.

Before you start, here are some rules

You MUST leave the post on the wall of your page for 72 hours. If you delete if before the 72 hours expires, you will be given one (1) "Penalty Point" and the commissions for that particular "Share and Earn" will not be paid. If you collect 20 Penalty Points you are then disqualified from participating in the Share and Earn Program entirely. If any purchased Share is picked up and sent out but later, before the 72 hours required is expired, the purchased Share will be re-credited back (as "not yet sent") and that Purchased Share will still be eligible. Each share is secure and each share is verified automatically through our software. Paid Members earn commissions (See list above) and their sponsors get a matching pay of 10% of the earnings of the respective Paid Member's earnings. The sponsor above their sponsor (the second sponsor - or sponsor's sponsor) will get 5% of the respective Paid Member's earnings. In the case of Free Members, the sponsors will not earn matching commissions for the Share and Earn commissions accrued by the respective Free Members in the Share and Earn Program.