How do members get paid?
You get paid either via direct mail, in the form of a check, PayPal, Payza or SolidTrust Pay. You can select your preference in your back office area. You must be active the month that commissions are generated in order to be paid for that respective month.
      How often will I be paid?
The commissions are sent out, usually, on Tuesdays and on Fridays. After a withdrawal is made (from the Referrals page or from the Matrix page), the company sends those amounts to our PayPal or Payza or Bank depending on what was selected for your method of payment. It takes about a week for the funds to arrive thus it takes about a week to be paid (usually about 7 to 9 days).
      Is there a minimum earnings amount required for commissions to be paid?
There is a minimum earning requirement to receive commissions. You must have $20.00 earned to be eligible to receive a check. You must have $15.00 earned to be eligible to be paid via PayPal or Payza.
      How do I create a Share or Post for Sharing?
You would simply log into your back office and click on Create/Purchase New Share. It will be explained as you go through it. If you have questions just mouse over the question mark (?) in the small circle by that particular text box.
      What link do I use for referring?
Your personal link for advertising is found in your back office in "Settings". Just copy and paste it.
      Can I refer more than 2 people?
You can refer as many members as you wish. We recommend that you create a relationship with all of your Personal Referrals. You can refer (sponsor) 0, 1, 2, 50 or 100 (or more) if you wish.
      What is the Matrix Earnings?
You make earnings on ALL Active Members on each of the Levels of the 2 x 14 Matrix below you each month. That is called the Matrix Earnings. You earn $0.20 for each member in the matrix below you on levels 1 through 6. You earn $0.25 on members in the matrix below you on levels 7 through 11. You earn $0.30 on members in the matrix below you on levels 12 through 14. (There is also a 100% Matching Pay - of these earnings - on each of your Personal Referrals. That is called the Matching Pay.) The Full Matrix would have a payout of $9,618.80 per month.
      How long will my Share be held in the queue?
If you create a network and pay for the Share, it will go to everyone in that network (area network or interest network) until the it is shared enough to deplete the funds. If you select members in particular for Sharing, the Share will be help until it is picked up and sent out as a Share to the respective of the list of friends.
      Can I delete a Share or Post after it has been created?
Yes, you log in and go to the Share Queue and find your share which you purchased. When you delete it, you will be credited that price paid for that particular Share.
      Do the commissions accrue if I do not reach the payout minimum required to be paid for the month?
The commissions do indeed accrue. When you reach the minimal amount required for withdrawal, you can withdraw at any time.
      How much does it cost?
To become an upgraded member, it is only $9.95 or $15.44 USD per month (depending on whether you select Premium or Gold Memberships). There are no other fees attached. The subscription can be accomplished using a credit card or bank debit card or a prepaid debit card. You can also subscribe using You can also subscribe using We also have FREE memberships available which can produce earnings through our exclusive Share and Earn Program.
      Can I cancel after I subscribe?
You can cancel only after 30 days from starting a subscription. You must wait 30 days. After the 30 days has passed you can cancel from your back office area under Settings. Look for the Subscriptions tab in Settings and hit "Cancel This Subscription".
      If I cancel can I re-activate later?
You can always log in and start a new subscription after you have cancelled your current subscription. Keep your login information somewhere safe. If you are inactive for over 60 days, you will be given a new matrix position (and old one will be replaced by method compression).
      How does the 100% Matching Bonus work?
You match 100% of the Matrix Earnings which all of your Personally Referred members earn. You will be paid 100% (Matching) of everything that all of your referrals earn as Matrix Earnings. This is only applied to the earnings in the Matrix Commissions (and does not apply to the Share and Earn Commissions). The Matching Pay does not apply to the referrals earnings which are Referral Bonuses (which is the $5 earned by Gold Members on Gold Member referrals).
      Is there a minimum earnings requirement to receive commissions via Paypal?
The minimum for receiving commissions via PayPal is $15.00.
      Can I change my sponsor?
You can only change your sponsor if you have not yet activated your account. If you have activated already, it can only be done only if you have not referred anyone yet and if there is no one in the Matrix below you yet. After you refer someone, or after there is someone below you in the matrix, you are basically locked in your spot.
      Do you have banners that I can use for marketing?
There are banners in the Setting Tab. Log in and go to "Settings" and look in the Marketing Tools tab to find them.
      How can I activate?
Log in and look for the red button on top that says "Activate Account" or you can hit the red "Upgrade" link in the top page of your back office.
      If I have members referred that have not upgraded, will they be in the matrix and where will they be positioned?
If you are a PAID member and you refer members that are FREE members, they do not go into the matrix. As they upgrade (as they become a paid subscriber), they will be positioned in the highest spots in the matrix below you. The matrix fills from top down and from left to right.
      Do you accept PayPal for the monthly fee of $9.95 or $15.44?
We do NOT use PayPal for collecting the monthly fees. That is against the rules of PayPal. You can be paid commissions through PayPal if you select it in your back office.
      How do I edit one of my posts for Sharing?
That is done from your back office area. Just log in and go to the Share and Earn section and select the Share you wish to update.
      How does the compensation plan work?
Please refer to the website front page to learn how our simple matrix plan pays. It is a simple 2 X 14 Matrix which paid you for members on each level (who are active). You also make 100% Matching Pay from all of your personal referrals. We also have a Referral Bonus of $5 pays to Gold Members monthly for the Gold Member they refer.
      What is the 2 in 2 Challenge?
It is only a "verbal" challenge to try to get 2 people* signed up below you in 2 days. The "2-in-2 Challenge" states: Get 2 people* signed up in 2 days! Get them to do the same in 2 days and so on - AND - in 28 to 30 days days from now, Voila... $28,867.20 PER MONTH is your income now! (Get more than 2 others and this amounts goes much higher with our 100% Matching Pay!) *(People who are paying members only)
      Do you have compression in the matrix?
Yes, if there is someone below you that is inactive for 60 days, the computer will compress them out of the matrix. The computer will look at the time stamps to fill that spot by moving respectively moving member upward in the matrix according to the earliest time stamps.
      Can I put a video in my post for sharing?
We do have the ability for you to embed a video from into your advertisement (into your Share). Just follow the instructions when creating your Share.
      Is there an age requirement to join?
You must be 18 years old to join if you reside in the USA. You must be of legal consenting age listed for your country of residence. 18 years of age is the minimum in either case.
      Where can I view my commissions for last month?
To find the month, click on Commissions on the left menu in the back office then look for the Calendar Icon (under the Logout Button on top). Mouse over it and select the month that you want to look up.
      Can I have more that one account?
You may not sign up more than one time with a paid account. We only allow one account per person. We monitor that as closely as possible.
      Is there a way to see if my referrals are sponsoring people and how many?
Go to the Referrals Page, look to the right of their entry and click the three dots (the menu) and select "Information" in the small drop down menu.
      How can I receive commissions if my country doesn't support PayPal or Payza and checks are risky?
If you have over $100.00 in earnings, we can send it to you via bank , Money Gram or Western Union. Contact us after you have that much in accrued earnings and we will collect the pertinent information from you in order to send you the commissions due.
      Where is my referral link found?
It is in your "Setting" page. Look for Referral Link.
      How do I cancel my current subscription?
Log in and go to and go to Settings. Find the red "Cancel Subscription" button there. After you hit it, there will be a confirmation button saying "Cancel This Subscription" that must be pressed also.
      Where can I find my next due date for the subscription?
Log in. Then hit "Settings" and look for the "Subscription / Receipts" menu on the left side. Your dates are found in there.
      If I am active, where do I see my payment receipt?
Log in. Then hit "Settings" and look for the "Subscription / Receipts" menu on the left side. Your dates are found in there.
      How does the spillover work?
If your sponsor (or a sponsor above them) brings in someone and the first available spot in that person's matrix is under you, the new person will land on YOUR first or second level or beyond (on a subsequent level).
      What happens if there is not enough on the card or in the bank when it is time to pay the monthly fee of $9.95 or $15.44?
It will not go through and the monthly fee will be missed. If, at any time throughout the month, you have at least $9.95 in earned (and unpaid) commissions, we can use that to mark you as "PAID" for the month. IF you are inactive for past 60 days, your spot in the matrix will be removed. That will cause a compression of the matrix when your spot is removed. Also, if you are inactive for any one particular month, the commissions due that month will not be paid to you. We encourage everyone to stay active.
      Are there fees for receiving commissions through PayPal?
We only charge $1.00 for sending commissions via PayPal. We have to pay the support team for working since that is done manually.
      Upon what is the 100% Matching Pay based?
You match 100% of the Matrix Earnings of each and every one of your personal referrals. It is not based on their entire income. You do not match what they earn from matching others referrals that they have. You do not match their earnings in the Share and Earn Program.
      How can I log in if I need to finish registering and didn't create a username?
You can log in using just your email and password to login from the front page by hitting the Sign In on top.
      How are you going to protect the site against fake social media accounts loaded with bots taking advantage of the income available In the Share program?
Our software monitors several components of the accounts of the "sharing members" such as number of friends, number of previous posts (not associated with us - no faking allowed) and the days (hours) the posts are allowed to stay on their wall without deletion. (There will be a 48 hour minimum required). The software will assign "penalty points" to violators and with so many points (maybe 10 or 20) they will be disqualified from Sharing to Earn.
      How can I get in touch with someone in the office.
Simply compose an email to: pennypayshelp[AT] using the "@" instead of the "[AT]" there. You can also call us at Six One Five 403-Two543.
      Who can I contact if I have technical issues?
You can contact the developers on their Facebook Page - to get help.
      Do you have a Facebook page?
Yes we do have a Facebook page. It is found at if you would to go there.
      How does the Share and Earn Program work?
There are two sides to the Share and Earn Program. 1. Anyone (a free members or a paid member) can purchase Shares. These Shares are posted on other members' Facebook page. 2. If you get Shares in your back office, you can post them on your verified Facebook page for earnings. Our company has created software called Share and Earn. It is the only one of its kind in the world. It took several months to create and it is now approved and integrated with Facebook. This is exactly what millions of businesses and sales people all over the world have been searching for in order to get massive amounts of valuable traffic to their website or coming into the doors of their places of business. You can sign up FREE and use our Share and Earn Program or you can upgrade and participate in the business side of this program as well as have access to the Share and Earn Program. Our free members and our upgraded members can participate in the Share and Earn Program. Yes, our free members can earn from the Share and Earn Program also. There are two sides to this Share and Earn Program. On one side of it, you can purchase shares that go out on Facebook. The company pays members to pick up these shares and post them onto their Facebook walls. They are required leave it on their wall for at least 72 hours in order to be paid for that Share. After it is up for at least 72 hours, they are paid. It's that simple. The prices for that service are on the website on the Sharing page link. We have thousands of member ready and eager to put your advertisement or post, which is the Share that you would purchase, onto their Facebook walls. After 72 hours, they earn money for their service. You can have your post placed on the Facebook walls with a thousand friends for just two bucks. The other side of the Share and Earn Program is the publishing side. Again, we have thousands of members, free members and paid members, ready to pick up these Shares that are purchased, so that they can get paid to post them on their Facebook Walls for at least 72 hours. Our software monitors everything. Every member that wants to earn by simply posting Shares to their Facebook wall must qualify their Facebook Account every 30 days. They do that with one click on the Penny Pays back office. They are required to re-qualify each 30 days because their status on Facebook may change. Some people add friends and some people may move. When someone moves, or relocates, our software needs to know their new location of residence for the Local Shares. Those are the Shares sold for brick-and-mortar businesses that participate in the sharing program. There are Local Shares and there are Web Shares. The more friends that you have, the more you can earn by posting Shares and that is basically it. There is a $10.00 minimum for purchasing Shares.
      How do I know those who publish my Shares have a real Facebook page and will not cheat?
Our software is very smart. A member, in order to be eligible for publishing Shares, must qualify their Facebook page from within their back office. All members participating are required to re-qualify each 30 days because status's change on Facebook all the time. Some people add friends and some people may move. When someone moves, or relocates, our software needs to know their new location for the Local Shares they would be publishing. Our software, which is integrated with Facebook, will know if someone adds 500 friends in one month and it may not allow that because it looks nefarious. Our software reads everything such as how long you had those friends, how often you post on your Facebook wall and how many posts you have posted onto your wall recently and more. Our software will also give Penalty Points for anyone that tries to cheat. It will give one Penalty Point if a publishing member deletes the shared Share in under 72 hours. It will give one Penalty Point for a publishing member that changes the status of the Share/post (i.e. from Public to Private or from Public to "me only"). Our software will remember those points and it will look for qualifying members with the least Penalty Points for publishing your ad, or Share. Our software will also remember who responded the fastest for publishing Shares when they are assigned Shares for posting. It will reward them with more Shares rather than choosing a member(s) that took much longer to respond to previous Share publishing offers.
      How do I qualify my Facebook for publishing Shares for earnings?
That is very simple and takes just a few minutes. Just log in, go to the Share and Earn menu tab and follow instructions for qualifying your Facebook page for publishing Shares.
      What can I advertise in a Share? Are there any limitations?
We do not care what you advertise as long as it is "G" rated; that is, it cannot contain pornography, hatred, violence or other obscenities. It must conform to what we understand to be "family values". We reserve the right to refuse any Share purchased for any content we deem inappropriate. If a Share is "rejected", the amount charged for it will be canceled and/or refunded entirely.
      Is it mandatory that I participate in the Share and Earn?
It is not mandatory nor is it required that you to participate in the Share and Earn. You are not required to buy Shares nor are your required to publish Shares. We simply have that service available for you if you want to utilize it. The upgraded members can purchase Shares for lower prices. The upgraded members also earn higher commissions through the publishing of the Shares.
      Can I sell these Shares to the general public for the advertising?
Yes, you can do that. It is great advertising, indeed, and highly sought after advertising. You can charge a much higher price for your service to make extra money. Businesses everywhere love this kind of advertising and will pay good prices to have their advertisement posted on thousands of local Facebook users' walls.
      How do I know that my Share was published?
After you purchase a Share the statistics for that Share are right in your back office showing the number of views you get for each Share.
      Does the Share and Earn proceeds get paid to the sponsors at all?
There is a two-tier commissions structure that is applied to the up-lines of both the Purchase of the Shares and to the Publisher of the Shares. The sponsor of the member that purchases the Share gets 10% of the price and their sponsor (the sponsor's sponsor) gets 5% of the price. The same applies to the member who earns commissions for publishing the Share. The sponsor of the member that publishes the Share gets 10% of the price and their sponsor (the sponsor's sponsor) gets 5% of the price.
      What are the requirements from me to participate in the Share and Earn Program?
You must have at least 50 friends on Facebook to qualify for publishing Shares. After that register with a free or paid account, you will be eligible to verify your Facebook account for publishing Shares.
      Is there a minimum price for purchasing Shares?
There is a $10.00 minimum for purchasing Shares.
      Can I edit a Share (an ad) after it is already created?
Yes you can. Log in and go to "Share and Earn" then click "My Shares" and hit "Edit" on the Share you wish to edit.
      How ofter do I get paid the $5 from my referrals that upgrade to Gold?
You are paid once per month. Each time they pay their subscription of $15.44, you earn $5.00. You must be a Gold Member to earn the $5 from them.
      If I am only a Premium Member and sign up a Gold Member, do I earn the $5.00 from them each month?
You MUST be a Gold Member to earn the $5.00 from Gold Members. You cannot earn $5.00 from Gold Member referrals if you are a Premium Member.
      Can Free Members earn commissions from the Sharing Program?
Free Members can participate in the Share and Earn Program by sharing Shares for earning.
      Can Free Members earn from the Matrix Program?
Free Members can refer Premium and Gold Members to the Matrix. The referring Free Member will only earn the Matching Pay that their referral earns in the Matrix Program.
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