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Upgrade and participate in the World's Best Paying Matrix!

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As your matrix grows, you earn a monthly income 2 ways:
Matrix Earnings (See the 2 X 14 Chart below.)
100% Matching Pay (You match by 100% of the Matrix Earnings for All Your Referrals!)


(This is in addition to your earnings from our "Share and Earn" Program!)

This 2 X 14 Chart displays the MONTHLY MATRIX EARNINGS:

Level Members Pay-Level Total Pay
1   ($0.20)2$0.40$0.40
2   ($0.20)4$0.80$1.20
3   ($0.20)8$1.60$2.80
4   ($0.20)16$3.20$6.00
5   ($0.20)32 $6.40$12.40
6   ($0.20)64$12.80$25.20
7   ($0.25)128$32.00$57.20
8   ($0.25)256$64.00$121.20
9   ($0.25)512$128.00$249.20
10   ($0.25)1024$256.00$505.20
11   ($0.25)2048$512.00$1,017.20
12   ($0.30)4096$1,288.80$2,246.00
13   ($0.30)8192$2,457.60$4,703.60
14   ($0.30)16,384$4,915.20$9,618.80

PLUS 100% Matching Pay On

All Personal Referrals!
(Earn Far BEYOND 14 Levels!)

Potential Earnings with
JUST 2 Referrals: $28,856.40
Per Month!

Matrix Earnings & Matching Pay

Earn more and more "Matrix Earnings" reaching up to $9,618.80 per month PLUS Earn Extra earnings from your Matching Pay on all of your referrals. This is where it gets incredibly powerful because you also earn 100% Matching Pay (of the Matrix Earnings) on all of your referrals! Sign up two people and your monthly earnings potential grows to a whopping $28,856.40! Yes, that's $28,856.40 MONTHLY possible with just two referrals!!! Just Imagine! The chart above shows the numbered levels with your earnings displayed as your matrix fills up with members below you.
(That can be from your efforts or from spillover!)

Referring just a few is very powerful...

Earnings Potential with 2 Referrals

$28,856.40 Per Month!

Earnings Potential with 3 Referrals

$38,475.20 Per Month!

Referring more is very, very powerful...

Earnings Potential with 4 Referrals

$48,094.00 Per Month!

Earnings Potential with 5 Referrals

$57,712.80 Per Month!

Referring many is very, very powerful...

Earnings Potential with 7 Referrals

$76,950.40 Per Month!

Earnings Potential with 10 Referrals

$105,806.80 Per Month!

We are displaying the *Earnings Potential to show your "maximum" earnings possible. For example, you may only successfully experience 10%, or 20,% or 35%, or 50%. Think about that! Even 1%, or 2%, or 5% of any of these numbers above are great incomes!

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The Matrix Earnings and the Matching Pay are separate from earnings you get from the "Share and Earn" Program!