Word of Mouth is the Most Powerful Advertising!
Today the place where people are doing the most "Word of Mouth" advertising is on social media.
Facebook alone has over ONE BILLION users and Instagram has over ONE HUNDRED MILLION users!
If you're thinking that online advertising might be too expensive for your budget, we have good news for you!
With PennyPays you can get started for as little as
Now even the smallest companies can look like the "big guys on the internet!"
Our Unique Software and our Amazing "Share and Earn" program make it possible to simply integrate your ads into the world of social media for just Pennies A Day!
How we make it happen?
When you buy and develop ads with us, we send them to our "Ad Sharing Agents". These are people who live in the area of the country you want to advertise in. Those agents then share your ads on their social media pages.
We know how many people will be receiving your ads because we have already verified each agents number of friends on their social media accounts.
Better yet, your advertising pennies stretch even further because our agent's friends will continue to share your ads on their social media pages as well!
Start enjoying the benefits of online social media advertising with
PENNYPAYS ~ The World's Premier Advertising Network!
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How to get started?
Simply contact the person who referred you to PennyPays, they will be happy to guide you through the process of opening your own PennyPays account.
If you were not referred to this site by one of our agents, we will be glad to contact you if you leave us your information in the box below.
Once you are associated with us we will provide you with your own secured online portal. In the portal there will be step by step instructions to guide you.Your portal is where you will be able to purchase ad~packages and design your ads with our simple to use publishing software.
When your ads are ready to be published the system will automatically send your ads to our agents that live in the country where you want to advertise.
The software will track the number of ads shared by our agents. For every $50.00 advertising package you purchase you will receive 50,000 ads published!